Sore-Nipple Salve

So my friend's daughter just had her 1st baby and is experiencing what all us breastfeeding moms know alllll about. Sore nipples. Yep I said it, and you know it's true. The first couple of days - weeks when our sweet angel newborn clamps dowm, just hold your breath and let them latch. I can totally be rough. Don't think your alone mama, all us breastfeeding alumni know the real truth. So this morning I whipped up a batch of some tried-an-true sore-nipple cream. Stop fighting to melt the tube of stuff they give you at the hospital...or your midwife gives you at your home-birth (read about mine here) and make up this soft salve for yourself! Post-baby, nipples need a little help. And new mamas...push past these first few rough patches. It's not all fun and games, I know. Your nipples will hurt and you'll clench your teeth when they latch. And yes, it's uncomfortable and hard. But know that YOU CAN DO IT! You'll get over this hill and before you know it, your baby will be ... [read more]

10 Kitchen Hacks: Saving time in the kichen

  We all want to feed our kids and family good and nutritious meals, but sometime there just isn't enough time in the day. Follow these kitchen hacks to have dinner on the table every night in no time. 1. Meal Plan This is number one for a BIG reason. I could NOT get a homecooked meal on the table every night without a plan. And should take 30 min a week. Set aside some time and plan this weeks menu. 2. Don't forget your grocery list Number two is a big one as well. Write down the ingredients you need to make everything on your week's meal plan. This saves time by having to only grocery shop once a week. (Some people meal plan and shop for 2 weeks!) 3. Meal Prep Set aside one day a week to chop all the veggies and prep meats (cut and marinade etc). That way dinner can go a whole lot faster and smoother. 4. One-Pot Meals These are amazing! They can be throw-it-all-in-the-crockpot kind of meals or just easier meals like stir-fry that are quick and easy ... [read more]

A new baby and a break…

  We have a new member of our family!  Isaiah Francis Toups was born March 31 after a super quick labor, comfortably and peacefully in our home. And yes, you read that right, we had him at home. No, it wasn't accidental. We had a wonderful planned home birth with a wonderful midwife. Isaiah's Birth Story So let's back up to the day before. I was just past the 40 week mark and feeling really huge. By this point I had already handed over every farm chore including milking Belle to the hubs. Trent was cutting our back pasture with the zero-turn lawn mower and I even jumped on that and took it a round or two. (Hey maybe all this jiggling will get the baby to come down?) That night I went to bed feeling so discouraged. There was nar a hint of contractions.  Welcome 1 am. A hard contraction woke me up, but hey I had been experiencing these for near two weeks now. Still, I got up to take a shower and wash my hair since I had been on the lawn mower that ... [read more]

Homemade Mosquito Spray

It's summer and it's hot. We've also been getting lots of rain and that mix is mosquito heaven. We joke here in South Alabama about the mosquitoes carrying off the kids. Seriously....they can get bad. My girl likes to scratch too...and pick her scabs. So I HATE mosquito bites and momma is gonna do whatever it takes to get these little buggers off my kids. Avoiding store-bought bug sprays is priority especially because many of them contain the toxic chemical DEET. DEET is a hormone disrupting neruo-toxin, yep definitely not putting that on my kids. If you need more proof....I encourage you to read THIS. Lot's of people are already avoiding DEET and since they know that I am too, I am constantly encouraged to put Avon's Skin So Soft on them. It's natural right!? WRONG. Avon Skin So Soft Ingredients: MINERAL OIL/HUILE MINERALE  ISOPROPYL PALMITATE  DICAPRYL ADIPATE  PARFUM/FRAGRANCE  DIOCTYL SODIUM SULFOSUCCINATE  BHT  DAUCUS ... [read more]

Soothing Pregnancy Tea

    Ok, mammas this is one for the books. (That means you need to save this one!) I mean you had me at soothing……and it can help during labor. Now I am sold! During my first pregnancy, I kind of winged it. You know, I ate healthy here and there and made sure not to consume too much caffeine. I tried the best I could to remember those horse pills called prenatals and the rest; well I left that up to nature. But you know what that got me……a 15hr labor that ended up with forceps, a thin un-nourished placenta and a hemorrhage. That was not fun. I was totally unprepared. The second go-round was a totally different experience. I was determined. I was tackling this pregnancy head on. I researched, read, and then researched some more. Wanna know one of the biggest tools? Yep! Cute, tasty, dainty tea. But boy, does it pack a punch on your health! (READ MORE OF MY GUEST POST AT SCRATCH MOMMY) ... [read more]

Baby-Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning....what does that mean anyways?   The web defines BLW as "a method of adding complementary foods to a baby’s diet. A method of food progression, BLW facilitates the development of age appropriate oral motor control while maintain eating as a positive, interactive experience. Baby-led weaning allows babies to control their solid food consumption by “self-feeding” from the very beginning of their experiences with food. The term weaning should not be taken to imply giving up breast milk, but simply the introduction of foods other than breast milk.”In today’s culture feeding pureed baby foods has become the social norm. This is a new phenomenon, as women didn’t have access to convenience baby foods less than a century ago. It wasn’t until the 1920′s that baby foods began being appear on the marker as convenient and more healthy. Baby cereals came some time after that. Now entire isles are dedicated to jarred mixtures of various fruits and vegetables mixed with ... [read more]

How to HEAL Colds and Coughs

The kids both came down with cold over the past weekend, and I was definitely caught off guard at first. I mean my sweet babies NEVER get sick! Well....not never. But I'm happy to report it is very occasional.  I don't bring them to the doctor unless I feel they are really, truly sick. NO antibiotics here!  I have something that works just as good....without damaging their gut flora. This momma could not let her babies be sick, much less look at those pitiful green runny noses and sneezing, coughing faces without pulling out the big guns! Ahem...I meant to say my natural and herbal remedies. The tried and true cold and cough killers! My four FAVORITE all time cold busters are garlic/oregano salve, Echinacea/mullein tea, elderberry syrup and FCLO. 1. Garlic and Oregano Salve I make up a batch of this very potent raw garlic and oregano salve and rub their little chests and back with it. Alll overrr.  On the bottoms of their little feet and top with socks! They smell like roasted ... [read more]

Garlic and oregeno ointment for those coughs and colds.

Are your little ones down for the count? Has cold and flu season already come your way? A batch of this garlic/oregano salve was on the books this morning, as my little ones have both come down with nasty runny noses! It's so easy, and while they may smell of italian cooking, they will start feeling the antibiotic kick of the garlic soon enough! Garlic Oregano Ointment 3/4 cup coconut oil 10 cloves of garlic 15-20 drops of pure oregano oil 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, sandalwood etc) Pile it all in the blender and blend till smooth, you may have to stop and scrap the side and start again. Pour into a mason jar with lid and you can store this in the fridge all flu season long! I apply it generously to their chest and back and then on their feet, and cover with socks! This remedy is a great one to hand on hand when you feel that cold coming on. Usually will feel better within 1-2 days. Unleash the potent power of garlic! ... [read more]